Recommended Equipment

Over the last 40 years, I have spent hundreds of hours welding and tens of thousands of dollars on welding related equipment. Some of my time was wasted on cheaply made products that were made to sell instead of use. So, I wanted a section on this site working for you, so that you don’t have to spend a dime on something you may not need or that is junk.

In addition, there are professional welders and welding instructors who contribute to this site. You will find some of their most recommended equipment on this page as well.

We hope you benefit from our time and experience and enjoy your welding adventure!

Engine Driven Welder

MIG Welder

AC/DC Stick Welder

Plasma Cutter

Welding Helmets

Welding Gloves

4 1/2 " Angle Grinder

7" Angle Grinder

Welding Cart

Chop Saw

Cutting Torch

Welding Rods

Flux-Core Wire

MIG Wire

Cutting and Grinding Goggles

Chipping Hammer

Reciprocating Saw

Drill Press

Pipe Notcher

Hole Saw Cutters

Bench Grinder


Recipricating Saw Blades

Hand Drill 120v

Cordless Drill

Impact Wrench Cordless

Dry Rod Storage

Welding Caps


Layout Square

Work Boots

Pancake Style Hood

Welding Book, Certification
TIG Welding Gloves
Welding Shirt
Hobart Handler 140
Air Compressor