Who Makes Titanium Welders?

Do you ever wonder about the story behind your welders? While titanium is a material that is very popular in welding for welding rods, especially TIG welding, it is also the name of a brand. Titanium welders are top-rated by both DIYers and professionals. You’ve probably spotted the brand name in a workshop somewhere.

Titanium is the name of the brand, but not the manufacturer. Titanium welders are manufactured by both Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric. These are both companies with excellent reputations in the welding industry due to their decades of producing quality work. 

Here is everything you need to know about Titanium welders.

titanium welders

Who Makes Titanium Welders?

Titanium is a brand of welders. However, the brand is not a manufacturer as well. Instead, the Titanium brand is a product developed by two popular manufacturers, Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric. 

Titanium welders are also affiliated with a third company, Harbor Freight Tools. However, Harbor Freight Tools is one of the main distributors for this brand, not the manufacturer.

The reason why people are interested in who makes Titanium welders is that the manufacturer says a lot about the quality of the brand. Luckily, both Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric are manufacturers with respected reputations in welding. That means their brands, such as Titanium, are also going to be high-quality (more on the quality of this brand later).

The History of Titanium Welders

It’s hard to find information about the history of Titanium welders because this is just one brand made by two massive companies and distributed by yet another big conglomerate. Discussing the history of Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric can tell us a bit about the history of Titanium welders. 

Miller Electric is an electrical manufacturing company that was founded in 1929 in Appleton, Wisconsin, nearly a century ago. The company was started by one man, Niels Miller, who began by selling his own arc welder, which was much smaller and lighter than existing models at the time. Miller is behind some of the biggest innovations in welding, including the invention of the AC industrial welder. Since 1993, Miller Electric has been part of Illinois Tool Works, but it still operates as an independent brand.

Lincoln Electric is another company with a long, storied history in American manufacturing. It is even older than Miller Electric. John C. Lincoln founded it in 1895 in Euclid, Ohio, as an electric motor manufacturer. Lincoln Electric evolved to include many advanced products, from arc welding to robotic welding systems, in its product line-up.

Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric often collaborate, including on the Titanium brand of welders. 

What Makes Titanium Welders Different?

There are a few things that make Titanium welders different from other machines on the market. These factors include:

  • A lighter weight. Titanium MIG welders are much lighter than similar machines from other brands without compromising on power. This makes these machines perfect for welding on the go.
  • Dual voltage technology. Titanium welders accept a 120V or 240V input. 
  • Easy setup. Titanium welders feature a much simpler setup than many other similar welders. The controls are easier to navigate, even for beginners. The technology also simplifies some of the process—for example, you don’t need an adapter for the spool gun.

Are Titanium Welders Any Good?

It’s tempting to look at the lower price tag and weight of Titanium welders and scoff. However, don’t be fooled by the humble exterior. These welders are great due to their versatility, accessibility, and light frame, which doesn’t compromise welding machine power.

Titanium welders stand out in the industry due to their lightweight frame. It’s tempting to see this as a drawback, but the frame doesn’t impact the machine’s ability to deliver a quality weld. The frame also makes it a lot easier to move the machine around. This is great for many types of welders, including:

  1. DIY welders
  2. People with more compact workshops
  3. Mobile welders who don’t have their own workshop but have to go to different workspaces

The Titanium welder is great for beginners for a few other reasons. Most of their machines offer overheating protection, which is great for people who haven’t yet mastered understanding duty cycles. Plus, the controls are easy to understand.

Are Titanium Welders Made in the USA?

Yes, Titanium welders are made in the USA. Most Titanium welders come from the plant in Dallas, Texas, although Miller Electric manufactures some at its main plant in Appleton, Wisconsin. Lincoln Electric also has a few other factories distributed across the country that sometimes are used for Titanium welders.

Final Thoughts

Titanium welders are quality, lightweight, and affordable welders. The brand is a joint product by Miller Electric, which is now part of Illinois Tool Works, and Lincoln Electric. Titanium welders are still USA-made.