Yeswelder Arc 205A TIG/Stick Welder Review

Written By: Liam Bryant

Today, I’m excited to share my review of the YESWELDER TIG-205DS Welder, a powerful and versatile welding machine designed for hobbyists.

8.2/10Our Score
  • Great Duty Cycle
  • Very Cheap Option to Test the Waters of TIG Welding

Quick Summary

The 205A TIG/Stick Welder is a robust and reliable machine that excels in Stick and TIG welding processes. With its advanced features and high-performance capabilities, this welder is ideal for various welding applications, especially home workshops.

But the main feature is the price tag. This extremely affordable machine is ideal for beginners looking to try their hand at welding without spending a fortune. This machine doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a premium welder, but it is hard to walk past if you are looking for an entry-level option.

yeswelder tig-205DS welder


  • Welding processes: Stick (SMAW) and TIG (GTAW)
  • Input voltage: 110/220V, dual voltage
  • Amperage range: 20-205 amps
  • Duty cycle: 60% at 205 amps
  • Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)


  • Dual voltage input for added versatility
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy transport
  • High-quality performance with a 60% duty cycle
  • Hot Start and Anti-Stick features for improved welding experience
  • Affordable price for the features offered


  • Limited to Stick and TIG welding processes
  • No digital display for precise amperage setting
  • The cooling fan can be loud during operation
yeswelder tig-205DS welder side view

Key Feature #1: Dual Voltage Input

The YESWELDER ARC Welder features a dual voltage input, allowing you to switch between 110V and 220V effortlessly. This flexibility makes the machine suitable for various power sources and enables you to weld in different environments. The dual voltage input also ensures the welder can handle various welding tasks without compromising performance.

Key Feature #2: Hot Start and Anti-Stick Features

The Hot Start feature ensures a smooth and easy start by temporarily boosting amperage. This feature is particularly beneficial for Stick welding, as it prevents electrode sticking and reduces the chance of creating an incomplete weld. On the other hand, the Anti-Stick function reduces the current when the electrode sticks to the material, preventing damage to the machine and allowing for a smooth welding experience.

Key Feature #3: Compact and Lightweight Design

Weighing in at just 22 lb, the YESWELDER TIG Welder is a compact and lightweight welding machine. This design feature makes it easy to transport and maneuver, making it perfect for on-site jobs or mobile welding services.

Things I Like

  • The dual voltage input allows for greater versatility
  • The Hot Start and Anti-Stick features improve welding performance
  • The compact and lightweight design makes transportation easy

Things I Don’t Like

  • The absence of a digital display for precise amperage control
  • The cooling fan noise during operation
yeswelder tig-205DS welder back view

Field Testing Results

During my field testing, this welder performed exceptionally well in both Stick and TIG welding processes. I tested it on various materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, and cast iron, and the machine easily handled them. The duty cycle was impressive, allowing for continuous welding without overheating issues. I also appreciated the Hot Start feature, which made starting Stick welding jobs easier, even with difficult-to-start electrodes.

Alternate Product Comparison

A comparable welding machine in terms of performance is the Hobart Handler 210 MVP. However, it is important to note that these two machines differ in price and welding capabilities.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP typically retails for around $1,000 to $1,200, making it more expensive than the YESWELDER Welder, which costs around $300 to $400. In terms of welding capabilities, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP offers MIG welding in addition to Stick and TIG welding, while the YESWELDER is limited to Stick and TIG welding processes.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP also features a higher amperage range (25-210 amps), providing more power for heavy-duty welding tasks. However, it lacks the Hot Start and Anti-Stick features found in the YESWELDER 205A TIG/Stick Welding Machine.

While the Hobart Handler 210 MVP may be more versatile due to its MIG welding capabilities, it comes at a higher price point. On the other hand, this model Yeswelder offers impressive performance and advanced features, such as Hot Start and Anti-Stick, at a more affordable price, making it an excellent choice for those who mainly focus on Stick and TIG welding.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP
  • Dual Voltage Input
  • Can Weld 1/4” – 3/8” Metal
  • Versatile and Powerful


The YESWELDER TIG Welder is an affordable, high-performance welding machine that excels in Stick and TIG welding processes. With its advanced features, such as dual voltage input, Hot Start, and Anti-Stick, this welder is perfect for beginners.

Although it lacks some of the features and capabilities found in more expensive models like the Hobart Handler 210 MVP, the YESWELDER ARC Welder offers excellent value for its price. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile welder without breaking the bank, the YESWELDER TIG-205DS Welder is a fantastic choice.