About Us

Within this site, you can expect to learn the basics of welding. The site will provide many tools that will make your experience easier and safer, plus much, much more.

My name is Liam. I got really into welding almost 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve been making various types of welds for both business and pleasure. With practice, I’ve learned what welding equipment works and what doesn’t via firsthand experience. I want to inspire beginner welders about this amazing hobby and share my pro tips with all of you guys.

While not an expert, over the years I have built carports, barns, shops, ranch gates and entrances, roping arenas, livestock pens, horse stalls, race car cages, grill guards, workout benches, truck bumpers, trailers, and miscellaneous artwork. (In a sense, all welding is artwork, IMHO!) And to my knowledge, they are all still in use!

Specifically, this site is the result of my passion to share the joys I have experienced building, fixing and creating things over the years using fire and steel.

Welding is a never-ending challenge to learn new things and improve our skills.


Liam Bryant