Hobart Handler 210 Welding Machine Review

Written By: Liam Bryant

Reviewed By: Russell Egan

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The Hobart Handler 210 is a reliable, versatile welding machine with easy setup. It offers great performance for both beginners and experienced welders. However, it may be a bit heavy for portability. Overall, it delivers quality and value for its price.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP
  • Dual Voltage Input
  • Can Weld 1/4” – 3/8” Metal
  • Versatile and Powerful







Hobart Handler 210 Welding Machine Review


  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 13
  • Weight: 87 pounds
  • Max Output: 210 amps
  • Output Range: 25-210
  • Polarity: DC
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90A

I rate this as high powered welder. This is a moderately priced welding machine. It can weld up to 3/8 inch steel. The welding machine has a moderate weight, coming in at 87lb. It’s not excessively heavy, but moving it around might require some effort.

You can download the manual here.

Pro Tip: For optimal MIG welding with the Hobart Handler 210, ensure to match the correct wire thickness to your material. For materials 1/8" thick or less, use a .023-.024" wire. For 1/8"-1/4" thick materials, a .030" wire is ideal. Finally, for 1/4" and above, a .035" wire works best. Always maintain correct stick-out distance, typically 1/4-3/8 inch, for better weld quality.

What is Included?

  • 10 ft. HR-100 gun
  • Owner’s manual with installation, operation and maintenance guidelines.
  • 10 ft. work cable with clamp
  • Built-in gas solenoid value and dual-gauge regulator with gas hose
  • Spool hub assembly accommodates 4 or 8 in. spools
  • Sample spool of .030 in. self-shielding flux-cored wire
  • .030 contact tips
  • Quick Select drive roll for .024 in. or .030/.035 in.
  • Power cord with 5-15 P (115 V, 15 A) and 6-50 P (230 V, 50 A) MVP (TM) plugs
  • Welding guide and material thickness gauge


  • High Amperage Output Range
  • Dual Voltage Capability
  • Straightforward Controls is Suitable for Beginners


  • Limited Power Output
  • Higher Price Point


1. Highly Versatile

The Hobart Handler 210 welding machine is highly versatile, making it suitable for various applications. It can handle various metals, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The machine also offers seven voltage settings, providing the flexibility to adjust and control the output according to the specific welding task.

It’s capable of both MIG and flux-cored welding, increasing its usability for different projects. Therefore, the Handler 210 is a reliable and adaptable choice for professional use or DIY projects.

2. Dual Voltage Input

The Hobart Handler 210 welding machine features a Dual Voltage Input, which is highly beneficial for varied welding tasks. This feature allows the machine to operate on either 115V or 230V input power, providing flexibility and convenience.

Users can tailor the machine’s performance to suit both heavy-duty tasks and light, precision work by simply choosing the voltage level. It ensures the machine’s adaptability to different workspaces and power supplies, making it an excellent choice for professional and DIY welding projects.

3. Easy to Use

The Hobart Handler 210 welding machine is renowned for its user-friendly features. Its very design and structure are built to ensure easy usability, even for beginners. This welding machine has a simple setup process, allowing users to start working almost immediately after unboxing.

The controls are also straightforward to understand and use, reducing the learning curve significantly. Its adjustment knobs allow for easy control over its output parameters, making welding tasks more manageable. Thus, the Hobart Handler 210 epitomizes user-friendly functionality in welding machines.

Hobart Handler 210 Welding Machine Review

Field Testing

After field testing the Hobart Handler 210, I was thoroughly impressed by its performance. This welding machine offers a wide range of output power, from 25A to 210A, making it versatile enough to handle different welding tasks. The setup was straightforward, and I could start welding in no time.

The machine handled both MIG and flux-cored welding processes excellently. Its ability to penetrate 3/8-inch mild steel was impressive. The arc was stable and smooth, which allowed me to create clean and robust welds.

The machine’s compact size and portability were handy during field testing, making it easy to move around. It was heavier than I expected, but the weight speaks to its robust construction.

One downside I noticed was the machine’s cooling fan, which runs continuously, making it a bit noisy. Adjusting the wire feeding speed was also challenging as it required some fine-tuning.

Overall, this Hobart Handler proved to be a reliable, robust, and versatile welding machine. Despite its minor shortcomings, I would still recommend it for both professional and personal use. Its performance is worth the investment.






Value for Money:


Overall Score:


This machine is suitable for light to medium duty welding tasks in both home DIY projects and professional applications.

Hobart offers a 5-year limited warranty on the transformer, 3-year warranty on electronics, and 1-year warranty on guns for the Hobart Handler 210 welding machine.


In conclusion, my experience with the Hobart Handler 210 Welding Machine has been largely positive. Its performance, durability, and value for money all score a solid 80%. This machine has consistently delivered high-quality results and has proven to be a reliable workhorse in my workshop. It’s also great value for money, considering the quality and longevity it offers.

My overall score for the Hobart Handler 210 is a well-deserved 80%. It’s a robust, reliable, cost-effective welding machine that I recommend to professionals and hobbyists. Whether working on a big project or a small repair job, this machine won’t disappoint you.