15 Great Gadgets for the Hobby Welder

Portable Torch Kit

If need to go portable with your torch, this just may be the kit for you. The Nova Welding/Cutting kit can weld metal up to 3/16″ thick and cut metal up to 1/2″ thick.

And, the bottles do come with this compact kit in addition to a striker, hose, regulators, goggles, and carrier. Price these on Amazon here!

 Welding Sleeves

These Lincoln Electric brand welding sleeves protect the arms from welding spatter and heat. They are 21 inches long and made from 100% flame resistant material. Elastic cuffs on each end hold these nice looking sleeves in place.

If you’ve been walking around looking like a heroin addict due to the burns on your arms, you need a pair of these! Check current pricing here.


These great looking horseshoes by Heritage Forge are perfect for creating those arts and crafts for the house and barn. The rim shoe has a different profile than the typical flat shoe making your projects stand out from the rest.

Sandblasting has already removed all the mill scale and rust preventative coatings. Consequently, they are ready to be configured into just about anything your imagination can produce. The bare metal is ready for painting or clear coating. Buy from Amazon here!

Circle Cutting Guide

For perfect circles every time, use this deluxe kit with your plasma cutter to cut circles up to 20″ in diameter. This easy to set up kit comes with a rotating torch cap holder, 2 metal wheels and adjustable axles, an 11 inch (28 centimeters) arm, center pin and holder, magnetic base, and 4 suction cups for securing to a non-metallic material, all in a nice carrying case. Check it out here!

Extreme Gear Pack

This Revco extreme gear backpack is great for keeping all your welding gear in one place. Even if it never leaves the shop, having a gear bag to store all of your most needed tools and accessories in can save you a lot of frustration when it’s time to start the next project.

Additionally, the black flame retardant material with red piping looks sharp and is ready to go when you are. Most noteworthy, it has a sleeve to keep your welding helmet dust free. There is plenty of room for your gloves, jacket, grinder, tools and more! Take a closer look here!

Pipe Saddle Templates

Accurately mark your pipe for cutting saddles with this wrap around cutting guide. There are also grooves for marking 22, 45 and 90-degree cuts. These guides take all the guesswork out of cutting the most commonly used angles for pipe. They are simple to use and durably constructed for many years of service.

The set comes with guides for three pipe sizes: 1 7/8″, 2 3/8″ and 2 7/8″ OD pipe. The pipe they fit is actually the common: 1 1/2, 2″ and 2 1/2″ ID pipe sizes. Find out more about them here on Amazon.

Magnetic Welding Holder

These handy devices are used to hold your project pieces in place at the desired angles of either 45, 90 or 135-degrees until tacked or welded. In addition, the holders are magnetic and built to last. They come in several sizes and are designed to free up your hands so your work can be done more efficiently and safely.

 High Temp Felt Welding Blankets

These are perfect for covering anything that might get damaged from cutting, welding, or grinding sparks. The 3′ x 6′ blanket is large enough to protect most items near the project being worked on.

The blankets are soft, pliable and heat resistant up to 1800 degrees F. They roll up for easy storage when not in use and come in several, larger sizes. Learn more about them here!

Victor Medium Duty Cutting Torch System

Victor has a long-established reputation for manufacturing quality equipment. Their medium duty torch kit comes with everything needed to heat, cut and Oxy/gas weld.

In the box, you’ll get a cutting tip, welding nozzle, heating nozzle (small rosebud), regulators, hose, striker, tip cleaner, torch handle with built-in flashback arrestors and check valves; CA 1350 cutting attachment and soft sided goggles with a shade 5 lens.

Just hook up to your preferred sized bottles and start cutting steel with fire! Read more here!

Magnetic Cutting Guide

This 24″ Magnetic Cutting Guide is designed to help the user cut straight lines quickly and easily. The two 30lb pull magnets securely hold the guide in place while you drag your cutting tip alongside for perfect straight line cuts.

You will save so much time with this tool. No need to mark the metal or straighten up the edges with a grinder after the cut. Find yours here!

Cutting Torch Guide Tool

This product is designed for a cutting torch and meant to run alongside a straightedge for cutting precise, straight lines. The standoff distance is adjustable . The guide will also keep the tip in the verticle position during the cutting process.

This means less slag to clean after the cut. Additional attachments are available from Torchtec that allows for cutting bevels and attaching a plasma cutter. More information can be found here!

Turn Your Angle Grinder into a Chop Saw

The Grizzly Angle Grinder Holder will effectively turn your angle grinder into a chop saw. The heavy duty metal stand makes a solid platform for cutting smaller items at varying angles. Now your angle grinder is more versatile than ever.

This universal tool is designed to work with most 4 1/2″ grinders. Find yours here!

Circle Cutting Stencils

For quick and accurate circle cutting. This 5 piece stencil kit includes 10 hole sizes: 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″. The outside radius acts as bonus circle guides and a straight edge.

A laser has etched each stencil identifying each size plus centerline marks. Order for your brand plasma cutter nozzle here!

Extension Cord for Your Portable Welder

Every MIG and TIG welder on a cart needs a longer cord to take advantage of its portability. This NEMA and STA certified cord remains flexible at temperatures below freezing. The lighted ends make utilization at night much easier.

And, Milspec Direct will print your name or company and phone number right on the cord. Click here for additional information.

 Welding for Dummies

Another well-written guidebook from the Dummies Series.  This book takes you from evaluating the material you’ll be working on through the step-by-step welding process. Plus, you’ll get guidance on how to adhere to safety procedures.

The easy-to-understand information in Welding For Dummies is a great resource for learning and mastering this highly sought after skill.

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