Who Makes Vulcan Welders?

Written By: Liam Bryant

Reviewed By: Russell Egan

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Spend any time looking at welding machines for sale and in your friends’ workshops, and you’ll notice certain brands get repeated over and over again. Vulcan welders are one of those brands that you might see over and over again when shopping. You might be wondering who is making these welders that seem to pop up everywhere.

Vulcan welders are manufactured by Canary Electrical PVT Limited. Unlike some of the other more popular welding brands, Canary Electrical is not based in the United States. Instead, this company comes from India, which is still one of the world’s top manufacturing centers.

Here is what you need to know about Vulcan welders.

Vulcan Welders

Who Makes Vulcan Welders?

It takes some digging to find out more information about Vulcan welders. The Vulcan welding brand belongs to the parent company Vulcan Ltd. Vulcan Ltd. is part of an even bigger company. So, Canary Electrical PVT Limited is the company that is behind Vulcan welders.

Canary Electrical is a manufacturer based in Morbi, which is a town in the state of Gujarat, India. This company is a large manufacturer and exporter of welding machines, including the Vulcan line.

The History of Vulcan Welders

Vulcan welders don’t have as long and storied a history as some other brands you may be familiar with, such as Hobart, Miller Electric, and Lincoln Electric. However, there are still several decades of experience behind these products.

The company that produces Vulcan welders, Canary Electrical, was founded in 1980. It specializes in manufacturing welding machines such as TIG welding machines, AC/DC ARC welding machines, and inverter-based welding machines. Canary Electrical is not limited to the Indian market. It is a prominent exporter of welding machines, mostly to other South Asian markets but also to the United States.

Finding information about the history of the Vulcan brand specifically is a bit more difficult. However, we can assume that the Vulcan brand started around the same time as Canary Electrical was founded. Canary Electrical has several decades of experience making the latest cutting-edge welding machines using innovative technology, and the company input much of its knowledge into its Vulcan brand.

What Makes Vulcan Welders Different?

There are a few things that make Vulcan welders different from similar models made by other companies.

  • The price point. Vulcan welders are a lot more affordable than similar welding machines from other companies, although they still cost several hundred dollars. This makes them more accessible to hobbyists, but some professionals are suspicious of the low prices.
  • Inverter technology. Inverter technology in welding is a new technology that converts AC voltage to usable voltage. Previous machines used transformers, which are bulky and expensive to produce. Since many Vulcan models use inverter technology, the cost of production goes down, and the machines are easier to maneuver.
  • Functionality under difficult conditions. Canary Electrical says that it wanted to make machines that people could use in all conditions, including dusty, dirty conditions. Many welding workshops are not exactly the most pristine places in the world, so this functionality is definitely necessary. Thanks to technology such as auto-sensing, low heat distortion, and more, Vulcan welders are great even for outdoor use.

Are Vulcan Welders Any Good?

Reviews are a bit mixed about whether or not Vulcan welders are any good. The machines have certain advantages, including their durability, strength, and resilience to conditions such as wind and debris. They are also lightweight and relatively affordable, making them more versatile than similar welders. People particularly praise their TIG welders, which are often used in professional settings.

However, other people are skeptical due to the lack of information available online about the company. There also isn’t a lot of transparency about parts replacement and warranty information. Tradesmen who rely on welders to make a living are understandably reluctant to invest in a machine they won’t be able to get fixed if something happens.

The final verdict is that Vulcan welders are good, especially for hobbyists, because:

  1. They are lightweight.
  2. They are easy to use and maintain.
  3. The short warranty and lack of parts replacement don’t matter as much for people who use welders sporadically.

Are Vulcan Welders Made in the USA?

No, Vulcan welders are made in India.

This doesn’t mean the manufacturing is not high-quality. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to buy from US-based manufacturing besides supporting American jobs. US manufacturers are more responsive to customer service and are more likely to have replacement parts available near you. Reviewers indicate that servicing and replacing Vulcan welders in the U.S. is a bit tough at the moment.

Final Thoughts

Vulcan welders are made in India by Canary Electric. They are solid welders, but many people still prefer local companies such as Hobart.